Let’s talk Gas Plumbing

The main difference between a gas fitter and a plumber lies in the scope of their respective training. A gas fitter must receive specific qualifications, training and licensing to be able to safely install, maintain and repair gas piping systems, appliances and other related equipment. This typically includes completing a series of courses focused on understanding the complexities of working with potentially hazardous materials such as natural gas. On the other hand, plumbers are skilled tradespeople who specialize in installing plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets, connecting pipes to these fixtures in order to provide water supply, repairing broken or leaky plumbing systems, unblocking clogged drainage systems etc.

A gas fitter is responsible for ensuring that all safety regulations are met when it comes to installing and maintaining gas lines. They must also ensure that all components used are up-to-date with current safety standards. This includes connecting pipes correctly to the main gas line while also testing them for leaks and pressure levels. In addition, they must replace faulty components or ones that need upgrading based on safety concerns. Regular inspections are also necessary for a gas fitter in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly and in accordance with safety regulations.

A plumber’s role, however, extends beyond just installing fixtures such as sinks or toilets; they are also responsible for connecting these appliances to the appropriate water supply and ensuring that the entire system is functioning properly. Plumbers will often use specialized tools such as snake cameras or power augers to check for blockages in drainpipes before attempting any repairs. They may even need to access areas not visible from outside by digging trenches or using special drills if needed. Furthermore, plumbers can also identify potential issues before they become major problems by inspecting pipe joints and seals regularly – something which a gasfitter would not be able to do due to their specific training focus.

Let us introduce you to the best gas fitters and plumbers in Melbourne: Our friends at Zebra Plumbing, are serious about making sure that people are safe when they use the gas systems we install and maintain. They are qualified gas fitters who can ensure that the gas lines are the right size for the appliances that are using them. And, best of all, they know all of the regulations and processes so you can be sure your home is safe. They will install, inspect, repair and maintain gas lines and gas equipment such as meters, regulators, heating units and appliances in residential and commercial properties.

Overall, while the primary difference between a gas fitter and a plumber lies in the scope of their respective training, both trades require highly skilled professionals who understand how important their job is when it comes to ensuring safety with regard to natural gas installations or providing clean water supply into homes and businesses alike. Check out Zebra Plumbing it does both! 

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